Eagles Nest

You already get in free to Kirkwood sporting events with your EagleCard, why not be an Eagles super fan! Join the Eagle's Nest and get tons of free stuff and special game day opportunities. You can sign up today at www.kirkwood.edu/eaglesnest



The Eagles Nest was hatched as the official student section of Kirkwood Community College. We are a group of students who are coming together to create positive fan support for the Kirkwood Eagles, one of the most elite two-year athletic programs in the United States.


By simply signing up to join, you will get the exclusive Eagles Nest T-shirt, special game-day opportunities, and will get a free game day prop for almost every game or match you go to! Sign up now, or visit the Eagles Nest home page here!


"When Johnson Hall is rockin' with fan support, it definitely is our programs 'sixth man'. There is no question our team feeds off that type of energy and it impacts our level of play! We thrive on that type of support."

-Kirkwood Athletic Director, Doug Wagemester


"It's all about atmosphere…the crowd and the players feed off each other, creating tremendous energy. It's what makes Johnson Hall a great place to be on match night!"

-Head Volleyball Coach, Jill Williams


"Fan support is needed to sustain the level of excellence here at Kirkwood.  Please come out and watch a fast pace style of women's basketball."

-Head Women's Basketball Coach, Kim Muhl



  1. You must be a credit student currently enrolled for the fall 2012 and/or the spring 2013.
  2. You must promote good sportsmanship and a willingness to cheer the Eagles to victory.
  3. You must be on good behavior and you understand that acting in a way that is disrespectful to players, coaches, officials, and fans can result in your removal from Johnson Hall.
  4. You agree to the photo release terms and conditions listed below (so we can put your picture on our website and other marketing material).

From the Kirkwood Authorization and Release form…. "The undersigned herby gives permission and authorization to Kirkwood Community College and its designees, agents and applicable media vendors to use and reproduce any still photographs, video tape or any other media forms that include my name or likeness, and use or reproduce any recording or other media form that includes my voice, in any approved Kirkwood Community College publication, Web site, pod cast, audio recording, promotional materials, video medium (including but not limited to video clips) or any other medium.

The undersigned further agrees that Kirkwood Community College is authorized and permitted to provide such media forms of my name, likeness or voice to Kirkwood Community College Foundation for any approved Foundation media use as described above.
The undersigned releases and holds harmless Kirkwood Community College, Kirkwood Community College Foundation and their designees, agents and applicable media vendors from any and all claims of libel, slander, invasion of the right of privacy or publicity, or any other claim based on the use of my name, likeness or voice, and any and all damages, costs and expenses that may directly or indirectly arise from the use of my name, likeness or voice."