Fall 2020 ICCAC Academic All-Region

Fall 2020 ICCAC Academic All-Region

The Iowa Community College Athletic Conference announced the Academic All-Region performers for the Fall of 2020. First Team performers received a 3.5-grade point average or above, while second-team members earned between 3.0 and a 3.49 GPA. A student's highest GPA was recognized, either their cumulative GPA or their fall semester only GPA. Over 1100 student-athletes reached first-team recognition and nearly 700 earned Second Team status. 

All sports were included in Fall 2020 despite most of the championship seasons moving to the Spring of 2021. Cross Country was the only sport to complete a championship season in the first half of the athletic calendar, with golf and sport shooting competitions also taking place. The NJCAA allowed 60-day practice windows and allotted scrimmage opportunities for all other sports to engage student-athletes in the fall. 

For a complete list of Fall 2020 Academic All-Region performers, you can follow the link below.

1st Team - 3.5 - 4.0 GPA
2nd Team - 3.0 - 3.49 GPA 

Kirkwood athletes recognized for their academic success:

Baseball  Alex Pendergast  1st Team    Basketball - Men  Caleb Delzell  1st Team 
Baseball  Andrew Nord  1st Team    Basketball - Men  Noah King  1st Team 
Baseball  Cade Moss  1st Team    Basketball - Men  Raejzuan Shockley  1st Team 
Baseball  Caleb Banowetz  1st Team    Basketball - Men  Joich Gong  2nd Team 
Baseball  Cameron Hunter  1st Team    Basketball - Men  Tim Howard Jr.  2nd Team 
Baseball  DJ Butler  1st Team         
Baseball  Kyle Moeder  1st Team    Basketball - Women  Ashley Tull  1st Team 
Baseball  Logan Schmitt  1st Team    Basketball - Women  Corey Whitlock  1st Team 
Baseball  Luke Llewellyn  1st Team    Basketball - Women  Delani Kosner  1st Team 
Baseball  Merritt McCardle  1st Team    Basketball - Women  Dominique Rodriguez  1st Team 
Baseball  Noah Van Veldhuizen  1st Team    Basketball - Women  Karsyn Stratton  1st Team 
Baseball  Parker Shupe  1st Team    Basketball - Women  Kortney Drake 
1st Team 
Baseball  Rian Yates  1st Team    Basketball - Women  Madison Paulsen  2nd Team 
Baseball  Tyler Tscherter  1st Team    Basketball - Women  Naya Haymon  2nd Team 
Baseball  Brook Heinen  2nd Team    Basketball - Women  Tatiana Hodges-Johnson  2nd Team 
Baseball  Caleb Fuller  2nd Team         
Baseball  Casey Sole  2nd Team    Golf - Men  Brandon McCarty  1st Team 
Baseball  Chase Moseley  2nd Team    Golf - Men  Jake Patterson  1st Team 
Baseball  Evan Paulus  2nd Team    Golf - Men  James Morgan  1st Team 
Baseball  Frankie Cresta  2nd Team    Golf - Men  Noah Schlabaugh  1st Team 
Baseball  Isaac Grose  2nd Team    Golf - Men  Kolby Shackelford  2nd Team 
Baseball  Joel Vaske  2nd Team    Golf - Men  Luke Evans  2nd Team 
Baseball  Josh Fitzgerald  2nd Team         
Baseball  Michael Robles  2nd Team    Sports Shooting  Jared Theis  1st Team 
Baseball  Peter Espensen  2nd Team    Sports Shooting  Kyle Lund  1st Team 
Baseball  Reece Bueter  2nd Team    Sports Shooting  Maddie Prull  1st Team 
Baseball  Ryan Kilpatrick  2nd Team    Sports Shooting  Derrick Wiemerslage  2nd Team 
Baseball  Trey Walker  2nd Team    Sports Shooting  Tayler Wolfs  2nd Team 
Softball  Alecea Mendoza  1st Team    V olleyball  Allison Pisarcik  1st Team 
Softball  Angie Gorkow  1st Team    V olleyball  Anna gorsich  1st Team 
Softball  Austyn Crees  1st Team    V olleyball  Brooke Mulholland  1st Team 
Softball  Brooke Kilburg  1st Team    V olleyball  Emily Strauss  1st Team 
Softball  Carrie Nelson  1st Team    V olleyball  Hannah Wieskamp  1st Team 
Softball  Drew Lewis  1st Team    V olleyball  Kamara Dickerson  1st Team 
Softball  Haley Jarrett  1st Team    V olleyball  Lauren Oostendorp  1st Team 
Softball  Isabelle True  1st Team    V olleyball  Maggie Peters  1st Team 
Softball  Jessie Frasher  1st Team    V olleyball  Takoa Kopriva  1st Team 
Softball  Jill Holub  1st Team    V olleyball  Jada Golden-Smith 
2nd Team 
Softball  Kori Wedeking  1st Team    V olleyball  Riz Alesna  2nd Team 
Softball  Olivia Richards  1st Team         
Softball  Payton Akers  1st Team         
Softball  Randyn Carter  1st Team         
Softball  Reagan Schutte  1st Team         
Softball  Sydney Albaugh  1st Team         
Softball  Emilee Linder  2nd Team         
Softball  Katie Cubbage  2nd Team