Hall of Fame


The purpose of the Kirkwood Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor outstanding performances and achievements by former Kirkwood student-athletes, coaches and contributors for their outstanding performance, work, support and/or significant contributions to Kirkwood Community College Athletics.  


The Kirkwood Athletic Hall of Fame shall be open to former intercollegiate student-athletes and other personnel who have distinguished themselves as players, coaches, or contributors.  Nominees, after graduation or departure from Kirkwood Community College, need to have continued to exemplify the leadership, service, and distinction that Kirkwood Community College seeks to promote.


  1. Student-Athlete – Must have participated in a sponsored sport and demonstrated a high degree of success for a minimum of (1) season and completed a minimum of (1) academic year.  The individual must have been in good academic standing during his/her enrollment at the college.  The individual is considered eligible after having been away from the college for a minimum of (5) years.
  2. Team – Must have had an outstanding record and demonstrated success on a national level during any given season.  Must have completed their competition a minimum of (5) years prior to the date of nomination.
  3. Coach  – Must have achieved a significant winning record, distinct team accomplishments and/or professional recognition while having established a positive relationship with student-athletes and supported their academic pursuits.  Must have held the head coaching position in that sport for a minimum of (5) years. 
  4. Contributors – The individual must have made a significant contribution and/or rendered extraordinary service to Kirkwood Community College athletics over a minimum of (10) years.
  5. Posthumous awards may be considered.


Nominations will be solicited from present and retired Kirkwood coaches, administrators, alumni, administrators, faculty, staff and the current Hall of Fame committee. Nominees from the previous induction will be automatically considered by the committee. A deadline for submitting nominations will be established by the selection committee. Nominations shall be submitted to the Director of Athletics.


Athletic Hall of Fame Committee

The selection committee shall consist of all standing head coaches within the athletic department as well as at-large members chosen by the Director of Athletics.  The Director of Athletics will serve as the committee chairperson.  


Newly selected Eagle Athletic Hall of Fame members shall be officially notified by the Director of Athletics and formally inducted at the Kirkwood Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony.