GoFundMe Campaign Begins for Jacobson

GoFundMe Campaign Begins for Jacobson


The GoFundMe campaign for Ben Jacobson began Tuesday with the goal of raising $10,000 to help cover his medical expenses.

Jacobson, an assistant men's basketball coach at Kirkwood Community College, is battling Level 2 brain cancer. The tumor is inoperable due to its location, but radiation, chemotherapy and drugs could reduce the size of the tumor over the course of time.

Jacobson, 34, was diagnosed with the brain tumor after suffering a seizure while driving home to Solon Oct. 19 and being involved in a car accident (see accompanying story).

Doctors are suggesting five weeks of radiation and a year of chemo. Treatments are scheduled to begin next week.


Jacobson returned to work with the Kirkwood basketball team on Monday and was back on the bench Tuesday night when the Eagles defeated Black Hawk College at Johnson Hall.

"It felt right again," said Kirkwood head coach Bryan Petersen. "This last month has been pretty hard on all of us, especially him and his family.

"The thing about Jake is, you wouldn't know what he's going through by how he acts, which I think is so special. It's a testament to him and his character, and I think our guys really feed off that."

Jacobson said he felt energized after returning to practice on Monday and resumed his active role on the bench Tuesday.

Jacobson has been an assistant coach at Kirkwood for five years and helped the Eagles win the NJCAA Division II national title in 2016.

Jacobson, who is 6-foot-6, played college basketball at Lamar University, Iowa Western Community College and Tennessee Tech. He helped Tennessee Tech win the Ohio Valley Conference title in 2005.

Jacobson got his bachelor's degree from Tennessee Tech in 2005 and a master's degree in instructional leadership in 2007.

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